Celebrating the seasons in New England
Farmers Market Customer
Yesterday at the Farmers Market I bought a half dozen of your fresh blueberry scones and pumpkin raisin bread and shared them at a meeting I went to... RAVE reviews! And I shared the scone you gave me with my kids who also loved it. The blueberries were so fresh and juicy in the scone!  We also cracked open the berry jam that is honey-sweetened. It is 100% perfect.  As a fellow small business owner I just really appreciate your passion for what you do and your kind and friendly customer service. I hope I can visit your table again someday!   Deidre, 3/30/19
The Best Biscuits!
We bought these after picking them up at the North Andover Farmers Market. My daughter tried a sample, then asked to buy one, then asked to buy the mix! They are amazingly delicious! You won't be disappointed! YUM!     Kristi C, 7/16/18
Blueberry Sour Cream Poundcake

Picked up your Blueberry Sour Cream Poundcake mix at the North Andover Farmer's Market. It was so moist and delicious and so easy to prepare. My baking is always from scratch but there are times when I need something quick to bring to someone's house or as a gift and this mix really comes in handy.     Laurie, 7/31/18

Best Blueberry jam

My wife and I impulse bought a jar of this Wild Blueberry jam a few months ago at the Boston Market because both of us are partial to blueberries in general and blueberry jelly in particular. Over the years we have tried lots of different brands and most we pitch because they don't have any or very little blueberry flavor. Carolyn's is the best we've ever had and we won't be wasting our time and money trying anything else. For a real treat buy a quality brand of full 4% fat plain yogurt (I have no idea why anyone would want the 0% fat stuff) and stir in some of Carolyn's wild blueberry jam, it's like nothing you have ever had. Thanks, Jake 

This is the best granola that exists

I'd been buying this from Appleton Farms at Boston Public Market until they recently stopped carrying it. There are so many granola options in the world. I have not had all of them and I don't need to. This is the best one. People say granola is easy to make at home. Ok well if it's so easy then why are all the other options so much worse than this one? Gotcha! Exactly. Just buy this one and save yourself the time and the boring reality of eating an inferior granola. This is all you need to know.  Joshua

So easy, so good!

I picked up a mix yesterday at the North Andover Farmers Market. Carolyn offers both the mixes and baked goods made with the mix. So of course, I had to compare! I had a slice of her zucchini bread in the morning and then made mine at dinnertime. As she promised, it was equally good! I am not a motivated baker, so pre-set mixes are a lifesaver for me. And to find something that doesn't taste commercially prepared is great! The mix makes a large loaf, as promised.

Best Jam!!

I have been buying Jam from Carolyn from a while now. They are all great! The strawberry lemon is phenomenal and you can eat the Dutch apple out of the job (hubby does that!!). Yummmmm!

Apple Crisp

I have tried many Apple crisp recipes and this mix far surpasses in flavor anything I have made. Love Love Love this mix